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Pregnancy For All Genders

Hi, everyone! Dr Unruh here. Pregnancies and parents come in all genders! And this pregnant masculine-of-center genderqueer doctor wants to let you know that Unruhly Medicine clinic hours will be cut back for the next few months to Wednesday afternoons only as I am taking some time to spend with my new family.

During this time, Kim Taylor (she/her) will be meeting with current Unruhly Medicine patients and I will be supervising. Kim is a trained ARNP working on her doctorate and she is enthusiastic to serve the Unruhly community during my leave.

If you are a prospective new patient, please know that we will be scheduling new patients in May 2021. To schedule new patient appointments, please contact New patients will not be able to set up appointments through the online scheduling site for the current time.

Follow up appointments can still be made through the DocMeIn website here:

Thank you for your patience and see y’all in the spring!

Now on to the Queer Pregnancy Photos!!

Representation matters. I knew that I wanted to do a pregnancy photo shoot from the beginning of my journey. When I was looking for ideas for my photo shoot, I found very little on the internet for masculine of center, butch, or transmasc pregnancy photos or even ideas for clothes to wear in pregnancy. It’s important to know that pregnancy is not always a feminine experience. As there are more queer and trans folks choosing to birth, we need more examples and ideas of what pregnancy can look like. Yes, you can be a pregnant lumberjack!

A big amount of love to Poppi Photography for making my dream come true and capturing my lumberjack essence. My wife and dog were the best co-models I could ask for and my mom was a great pup wrangler behind the scenes. And as for Covid precautions, we were masked between shoots, more than 6 feet from our masked photographer at all times and were outdoors to reduce risk (and get the right backdrops!).

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